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A bunch of people probably will leave this site now. I can’t blame them. I honestly adore meatballs and hamburgers, but it isn’t the best things ever for the poor animals, or even us.Just hear me out. Maybe I can change your mind.

               Imagine a herd of black-spotted cows grazing on the lime green grass in their owner’s yard. They relax contentedly, not knowing about the wars in the world, the deaths going on every minute, or the tragedy that will happen in a few seconds.

               The farmer opens the door of his barn, and strides over to the little calf frolicking around in the boundless space.

               “Come on, little guy,” he murmurs as he gently picks up the calf. “Let’s go.” They head into the shed, where the farmer gets his knives ready for slicing. The cow’s eyes widen, finally realizing what went on in the shed, and why every cow that went inside the little shack never came out. He tries to escape, but the door’s locked up tight. Fear rushes through his eyes, and the farmer takes the knife, grazing the cow with it. He shakes and struggles, and the knife goes deeper and deeper, until the cow lays still, his eyes still wide open with pure terror.

               A little morbid and depressing, right? Well, somewhere in the world, a cow might slowly be dying so money can exchange hands. Those poor cows didn’t deserve to die, just so we could have a hamburger, or a few dollars. And I know that you won’t want to give up your burgers and steak that easily, so what I’m suggesting is that, every year, on one week, nobody eats any meat. No fish, no chicken, no turkey, nothing. Maybe, then we can realize that our lives would be better without meat, and no more baby cows will be slaughtered.

             Being vegetarian isn’t just better for animals, but it’s actually healthier for you. First things first, your heart can stop from eating too much meat. Red meat increases the risk of heart disease, and not eating meat- or at least beef and lamb- just might save your life. Also, being vegetarian-or vegan-can prevent obesity. In 2009, about 63% of American adults were obese, and eating meat gives you more risk of becoming extremely overweight. And finally, they help prevent fossil fuels. While it takes one calorie of fossil fuels to make one calorie of soybeans, it takes a whopping 78 calories of fossil fuels to make one calorie of beef. Crazy, right? And one way to fix all of this is to give up a burger when that salad doesn’t look bad, or even just not eating meat one day every week. You can change the world for the better. Why not?

               I’m guessing some heartless people might not be moved, and I pity you. But there is a way to prevent eating animals-and never miss them at all. If you want to find some delicious recipes, click on Recipes, and you can see some amazing food that will make you never miss meat-ever. And if you do, it’s only for a week every year! This might save a few cows, if not more.

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